Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Oliver Hawk Batrich

About four months ago, we had a celebration in Decatur that I never documented...

I'm always up for an occasion to be with family and eat a lot of unhealthy finger foods :)

Though both were pregnant, Erin and her little boy were the ones being honored this day. I gave you a glimpse of Val's sweet boy, Cohen, a few posts ago. I was hoping we were all pregnant in this picture, but I wasn't just yet. Can you believe all Klein girls were pregnant together for one teeny-tiny window of time?!

Then Erin had her baby. Oliver Hawk arrived via an unexpected c-section! My champ of a sister made it to 9 cm and then the sweet little guy decided to turn himself into an undeliverable position. After all that drama, Oliver was born on June 15th at 6:31pm — 8 lbs 3 oz — 20 1/4 inches long.  

Handsome Batrich boy
All the Batrich kiddos!

Open eyes!
Already hitting the milestones!
I'm sad to say that I still haven't met this cutie. Lord willing, we'll remedy that soon!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

By the way...

I'm 21 weeks pregnant!

We revealed the news to the family by including this in a stack of pictures of Haddon for them to look through. The reactions were priceless!

I'm sure most of you know this already, but this news just hasn't received the attention it should on our family blog. I kept Haddon from sharing it in his monthly updates, wanting to play it up a bit more, and as usual, I'm a little late [no pun intended].

Wow. I'm still impressed with the subtle humor I just did there. Very unintentional.

Moving right along... On April 20th, we found out that Baby Pugh #2 was in the works. When I went to the doctor, I was surprised to find out that I was already 7-8 weeks along, giving us a tentative due date of December 5th.

Baby Pugh at 7 weeks!

Yes, Haddon will barely be 16 months old. Yes, this was planned :)

Well then we rushed off to Paris and returned to a rather important ultrasound appointment. I was barely 17 weeks [which I think is the earliest they can tell?] and it was time for the big gender reveal. I honestly would have been excited for either because if it were a boy, then there would be a fun confidence in that— but if it were a girl, it would be a sweet change to the Pugh household.

We welcome this sweet little change!!! Haddon Pugh is going to have a little sister.

Eden Anastasis will be her name. We'd had the first name in mind for a while now, but the middle name came up only a couple of weeks before we found out. Kam took Greek last semester and Anastasis [we'll pronounce it Ah-nah-stah-sis] means resurrection. He mentioned it to me and I loved it! She may not be able to say it [or spell it!] for the first few years of her life, but hopefully one day she'll appreciate the meaning behind it all.

Eden at 17 weeks!

Well there's my very long-winded way of telling you we're pregnant. Thank you for all your encouragement and excitement. Your prayers and support are always appreciated!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Eleven Months!

Here we are again! Another month [and some extra days] gone by... I got the privilege of spending one more week in Paris to kick off month 11, so we'll start with showing you some of those fine photos.

Just hanging out with Dad in front of the Eiffel Tower. No big deal...

My Dad's the best.

Then they tried to get me to walk for the first time.

I didn't succeed, but we still had a great time. I got a little French dust on my shoes and some good memories that I can't wait to hear about later in life. Here are some other sights I got to see.

The Louvre!

Check out those iconic pyramids.
I kind of like my parents. It's good to be held by them.

Can you believe I got to see Notre Dame? No hunchback though. What's up with that?

Me with the guys. This is our new friend, Mustapha.

I loved strolling by the Seine River. I felt so cultured.

Me and the boys again. This is another new friend, Zach.

As you can see, I got to make lots of new friends while we were there. Some of them I got to take home with me [because they're fellow Auburners]! Here are some faces that I quickly grew to love.

This is Kinsey. And my other good friend, the baguette.

This is Mustapha [you saw him earlier with us at Notre Dame].
This is Kentt and Haleigh [you met her in my last post].

They were some of my dancing buddies.

Just dancing on a rooftop in Paris. No big deal.

Rejoicing in finding cool bookstores with Dad.

Forced snuggles with Mom.

Metro love with Dad.
I also discovered a new form of entertainment while we were over there. I love windows.

This love has also translated into opening and closing all kinds of things— cabinets, doors, etc. I really am quite amused by it.

Another thing I discovered about myself was that I am a professional taker outer. Look how good I was at unpacking my suitcase when we moved into our second Parisian apartment.

I have continued this skill back in the states, helping out around the house.


Mom would be lost without me.

Just reorganizing a shelf in my room.

Unpacking the ottoman full of toys.

I was a champ on the flight back to the states and due to a slight mix up on the airport's part, we got a free carseat! I'm sure Mom will share that story on here at some point, so I won't steal her thunder. I'm riding big these days.

It sleeps pretty good, too.
We had to make a trip to Decatur a couple of days after we got back to Auburn [for my Papa Bob's funeral :(], which started another week of traveling. 

This is a family shot from the funeral. Papa Bob sure did love me and my parents.

Had to get in some Emma love while we were in town. She was giving me the stanky face in this picture.
We also got to go to an engagement party for one of my Mom's friends from high school. I was a hit ;)

Me and Mom with all her pretty friends.

I finally got to meet Elizabeth!

The beautiful bride-to-be, Mary Kyle.
Uncle Brandon [affectionately called "B-Money" in our family] also let me go to work on his iPhone. I was captivated.

I also got a haircut while we were in Decatur. Sadly, we have no photos to document this important event, but I'm pretty sure you can tell which of these photos are pre- and post-haircut. The mullet is gone...

We kept the family travels alive by heading on to Tuscaloosa to visit all our people there. For some reason, Big Daddy and Mama T's house always makes people sleepy, so lots of naps took place...

Dad snuck in and caught this picture of me and Big Daddy snoozing.

I also got in some good cousin time. The Pugh kids are so fun.

A fun fact about me these days is my love for food [I come by it honestly]. I've started getting really upset when my food is gone. Especially yogurt. I love yogurt. Here's a typical Haddon face when my food is gone...

For some reason, Mom and Dad remain unaffected by my theatrics.

Because I love to eat things, I also love biting things. All things. I may or may not bite my parents. Often. Sometimes it's playful, but sometimes when I get frustrated or angry I must bite something. Sometimes I even bite myself. This leads to another new occurrence in my life— the stern "no." I'm learning to respond to that, as well as my name. This has been going on for a few months now, just forgot to mention it.

I do make up for my biting with my kissing, though. They're kind of like bites, but without the chomp of the feisty fours. This softens Mom up a bit after I've accidentally left some teeth marks in her leg.

To close out my eleventh month, I decided to get sick for a week. I had a fever, congestion, a swollen throat and was all kinds of pitiful. It was so bad that I wouldn't even nurse for a few days. This made Mom really sad, but I just couldn't breathe! She doesn't think I know this, but she's started weaning me this month, so I actually did her a favor by laying off for a bit. Right now, I'm only nursing in the morning and at night. I chug a cup of formula for with lunch and dinner and have been a really good sport about it. I can't wait to try whole milk next month!

Well, I think I've covered my bases in terms of keeping you fine folks updated on my achievements and whereabouts. Number twelve is going to be quite a doozy! Keep your eyes out for that final update :)

grace to ya,

P.S. Mom officially ruined my life by not taking any "formal" ten month pictures. I know I don't always love those photo shoots but come on! We had such a great streak going... I'm sure she'll redeem herself, though. I guess we can give her a little grace.