Monday, July 28, 2014

EAP: 6 & 7 Months!

So once upon a time, I had a blog...

There are so many things that need to be shared, but if I try to tackle them all, I'll go into another 2 month hiatus... So I'll start with Eden. Eden girl, forgive me for falling behind on your blog posts. I've just been too busy keeping up with you and your brother to write about it all ;)

So this girl...

She's a mover! In her sixth month she began sitting up really well and mastered what I like to call the "swivel." She could pivot around on her belly to get facing a desired direction and go from there. She is able to get up on her hands and knees, but she just hangs there and rocks back and forth. Or pushes herself up and gets her plank on ;)

Sitting up when boppy was required.

These are some of my favorite pictures of Eden. This was her first time sitting up in the walker.

Now that we've entered [and almost completed!] her seventh month, she is army crawling and scooting like a champ! This girl is busy. It's been a helpful, but crazy thing around the Pugh home! She's playing and interacting so well, but that also requires a much more watchful eye. Especially now that everything goes in her mouth [a still toothless mouth for the time].

Celebrating Dad's graduation!
Speaking of putting things in her mouth, we started solid foods a few days after her 6 month birthday [I know you can start around 4 or 5 months, but our May was CRAZY]. It took Eden a bit to catch on to the whole solids craze... This sweet girl would just hold it in her mouth and smile at me. Open mouth. No swallowing. But a sweet smile :) I think she's beginning to catch on that her smile can be quite the asset...

I even got all wild and crazy and just let her play with her food and spoon, hoping she'd naturally put it in her mouth. It was mildly successful...

That sneaky smile...

The fast broke when we finally tried banana. I was trying to attempt as many veggies as possible, but apparently this girl has a sweet tooth. So now we add banana to everything ;) So maybe not to everything, but close!

Sweet potatoes are sometimes a hit.

Miss Eden can also be quite the talker when she puts her mind to it. She's not always babbling, but when she gets going she has quite the personality! Laughs are still hard to come by, but when we can finagle them out of her they are oh, so sweet!

At the moment, those are all the major milestones I can think of... I seem to have misplaced her 6 month stats. It's as if we moved or something. Oh yeah, WE DID. I'm sure I'll blog about that in a year or two ;) That's probably when I'll also be able to stay that Eden is sleeping through the night... Haddon's still a sleeping warrior though, so I can't do too much complaining! And yes, Haddon is alive and well. He's next on the list for an update :)