Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sheet Shoot

I thought you might enjoy one of the many fun photo shoots with J. Haddon Pugh!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Big Bed, Little Body

Too cute not to share!
Playing around on the air mattress while spending time in Decatur.

Sometimes results in slumping...

My sweet boy.

Tuscaloosa time— I can't remember why he was asleep here, he normally doesn't nap like this!

precious.precious.precious.precious.precious.precious.precious.precious. No, the repetition is not a typo.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cousin Emma

Let it be known, Emma Catherine Speth LOVES "Baby Haddon."

She talks about him all the time and whenever we're visiting, as soon as she wakes up, she's asking to see him.

She's always interested in what he's doing. Always wants to make him smile. Always wants to help him out.

Val even told me recently that when they went to their new house, Emma told her that Haddon needed a room too :)

We love you back, Little Em!

I'm looking forward to the day when little Haddon can scurry around and play with her, too. She's a sweet cousin, but is going to be an even sweeter big sister. Cohen is going to be one blessed little brother!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Douthits

When going through pictures to post with Haddon's monthly updates, there's always so many I want to put up and so much to be said that some just deserve their own post. These were definitely some that fell into that category...

Meet the Douthits. These are some dear friends of ours that came into our life during our first year at Lakeview. When we met them, they were Nathan Douthit and Katie Ling. We were blessed to see their Christ-centered relationship go from dating, to engaged, to married. We were privileged to witness the ceremony of their union as husband and wife and have had the joy of walking through life with them these past couple of years. 

Last summer, the Douthits moved to Israel so that Nathan could attend medical school in Be'er Sheva. Their desire is to one day be involved in full-time overseas missions, so they thought this would be a wise equipping step in that direction. Needless to say, a whole lot of folks were sad to see them go [the KamPughs being amongst that number], but excited to see how the Lord would use them during this next season of life.  

In December, we were pleasantly surprised to have this fine couple back in the state of Alabama. Unfortunately, it was because of all the unrest in Israel, but we'll take them however we can get them! This was exciting to us not just because of the sweet fellowship they would provide, but because it was the first time that Haddon would get to meet two of our favorite people.

Nathan and Haddon are actually birthday buddies. Represent August 10th!!

We were blessed to hang out with them multiple times while they were here and were encouraged again and again by their faithfulness. Nate and Kate truly are an aroma of Christ.

Please pray for these sweet friends as they strive to learn Hebrew so as to better communicate with the lost living in Israel, as well as encourage the believers serving by their side.

On a slightly unrelated note, Kameron and I have been enjoying the music of Jenny & Tyler lately [see video below]. The Douthits actually introduced us to their music [by way of posting this link on another friend's facebook wall], so whenever I hear Jenny & Tyler, I think of Nate and Kate. And I just wanted an excuse for you to hear their music...

Friday, January 11, 2013

Five Months!

5 Months! That's almost half a year, folks. Time sure is flying around the Pughplex. I have quite the personality now, being just as fun as can be. There's never a dull moment around these parts. If there is, it's because I'm sleeping [which can still be pretty entertaining].

Speaking of which, during my fifth month, Mom laid down the law when it came to a nap schedule. We're adapting the eat, play, sleep mentality and it's been fairly successful. I'm still not a robot [as Mom tends to remind herself], but it's good to have something to strive for. My nights aren't always predictable either, but I'm definitely capable of sleeping through the night—although I did play a fun game the past few nights where I woke up every 2-3 hours. Mom and Dad were not amused…

Be forewarned: you cannot contain me. I now officially swat at and grab things, so Mom and Dad are getting in the practice of moving hazardous objects out of my ever so powerful reach. Dad learned his lesson when I stuck my hand in his dinner bowl one night, so their awareness has changed since that occurrence. Probably my biggest feat of strength happened in the middle of the night when we were visiting T and Big Daddy. When Dad came to get me up in the morning, I had successfully wiggled my arms out of the swaddle they hold so dear. On top of that, my wedges that usually serve as sleeping boundaries had made their way to the bottom corner of the crib AND I was asleep on my stomach.  Take that! I'm rolling over like a champ these days and am SO ready to be able to scoot around. I'm pushing my bum up like I'm ready to crawl, but can't quite master the other coordinating movements just yet.

Since my two best friends are my fists these days, everyone always asks if I'm teething. I guess technically I'm old enough to be, but there's no fruit of that labor just yet. Regardless, I'm chewing on my fists and fingers a majority of the day [and occasionally during my sleep if I escape the swaddle]. If you get close enough, I will gnaw on your appendages as well. Beware, my bite is worse than my bark.

Bring on the drool!

I've also definitely discovered my feet. I'm still trying to add them to the chewable club, but can't quite make the reach just yet. Still, it's fun to grab them and make the effort.

In the communication department, I'm still cooing and such, but my main thing these days are squeals and squawks with the occasional giggle. I'm rather amazed by the sounds I can make. Mom and Dad think I'm pretty cute when I do it as well, so there's much encouragement in my experimentation.  

In other news, I am officially a world traveler. Well not quite, but it felt like it. I'm pretty sure we went everywhere in the month of December. I celebrated my 4 month birthday in Decatur [not sure if you noticed my change in location for that monthly photo shoot]. Dad had to be in Louisville for a J-term class, so Mom and I stayed at Nana and Papa's for the week. That was the longest time I'd been away from him and I sure hope we don't have to do that again anytime soon. Mom's great, but there's just something about that bearded man that brings joy into my days.

Dinner night with the Kleins + Emma. We had Dad's favorite meal. He was greatly missed!

Reading time with Nana.
It's good to be back with the beard.
But that venture began our traveling escapades for my fifth month. Next came a surprise visit to Tuscaloosa [apparently my parents like to do that a lot]. The Kizziah family had arrived in Tuscaloosa earlier in the week and we just couldn't wait to see them, so we headed their way a few days earlier than expected. I finally met all of my cousins, not to mention Aunt Katie and Uncle David! It was pretty cool that Mom, Dad, and I got to meet cousin Karis for the first time together. I think that covers all my immediate family. Well at least until Cohen and Baby Batrich arrive [did I mention that both of my Mom's sisters are pregnant?! Don't get any ideas Mom…]


She's so pretty.
Then came my first wedding experience. A Sylacauga one at that. Well, technically I was in the nursery during the actual ceremony, but was involved in all the other festivities. My Dad's cousin, Hillary, got married on the 22nd to Mr. David Sikes. This was another way that I got to meet a lot more people. Well, they got to meet me. It was also pretty neat to see the place where my parents got married. I'm rather glad that happened :)

Mr. & Mrs. David Sikes!!!! Photo courtesy of K.J. Pugh

Me looking suave at the wedding. Photo courtesy of Lynn Pugh

Throwback to 2010- Mom and Dad's wedding at First Baptist Sylacauga.

After the wedding, we headed to Tuscaloosa to have the first of our three Christmas celebrations. This one was with Big Daddy and T, the Kizziahs, the KJPughs, Aunt Stephanie [T's sister] and her daughter Dabney. I really took a liking to Aunt Stephanie. They said it was because she reminded me of Nana [dark spiky hair and glasses], but the real reason is because she's awesome. That's all.
Snuggle time with Great Aunt Stephanie.

The cousins!! Photo courtesy of Lynn Pugh

Family shot! Photo courtesy of Lynn Pugh

I got to open my first presents and really had fun with the wrapping paper. I can definitely get used to this!
My very own stocking! Thanks T.

Another AWESOME photo shoot with Aunt Lynn.

First family Christmas!
After enjoying some Pugh family Christmas traditions, we headed to Decatur to celebrate with Nana and Papa.

New toys!

Playtime with Papa!

Then after a couple of days there, we headed back to Tuscaloosa to celebrate with Big Daddy's side of the family. I'm so thankful I got to meet Granny [along with many more family members].

I promise I was excited to see her...
We went back to Auburn for almost a day before heading back on the road. The trip to Lake Santa Fe was my longest riding journey yet and I did kind of okay. Usually after my first long nap in the car, we're almost to our destination. This time, we were only halfway there so my restlessness kicked in. Sorry guys, I can only appreciate the car seat for so long… But the sacrifices made for this trip did not disappoint. I finally got to meet Grammy and Daddy Jim, as well as experience this magical place they call Lake Santa Fe for the first time.

We had some family fun with the camera's self-timer.

At Lake Santa Fe, time in the La-Z-Boy is mandatory. Here's my sleepy face.

Happy La-Z-Boy face!
Walking in the neighborhood with Daddy Jim.

Dad likes to make silly faces.

Another silly face...
I tried to make some faces of my own, but haven't reached his level of expressive excellence just yet.

I was on my best behavior the whole time and had a stellar sleeping schedule. That was my Christmas present to my parents— a relaxing Lake Santa Fe vacation. You're welcome.

After a few days of Florida fun, we were on our way back to Auburn—this time for good. I now get slightly nervous each time I'm put in my car seat, never know if it's going to be 10 minutes or 5 hours, but I'm sure I'll recover. Some day.

Lastly, another change has occurred to my weekly schedule. Mom is going back to work in the office for a few days. I'm not sure why she has to work, but she says it has something to do with eating bacon. I asked Dad and he said it's because Mom is full of sugar, or something like that. My parents don't make sense sometimes. Any way, I go to the office with Mom all day Monday and then I stay with Dad Tuesday and Thursday mornings. We just completed our first week of this and it didn't go too terribly. I'm still not having the bottle though, so that makes things interesting. I'm okay holding off a few hours for the real thing...

Well, I think that covers a lot of the main points. This was a very busy month for me. I'm looking forward to number 6! Also, if you haven't exceeded your Haddon photo intake, as usual, we had a monthly photo shoot. Mom just posted them on facebook. Enjoy!