Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ten Months!

Bonjour! I've decided that I will no longer make disclaimers for late posts. I'm just going to own it and acknowledge the fact that life is flying by us and I'll try to fill you in on it as much as possible! Boy, do I have quite the tenth month to share with you. I think I can identify with Johnny Cash and tell you, "I've been everywhere, man." We'll let that be the theme song of this post...

I ended my ninth month with a family-fun-filled trip to Gatlinburg, right before my Dad headed to the Middle East for 3 weeks. Let me tell you, folks– it is NO FUN having that guy gone. Mom did a pretty good job keeping me distracted though, hence the following travels...

Our first stop was at Big Daddy and T's house in good ole' Tuscaloosa.

I got lots of good snuggle time with T and Big Daddy helped me discover the inner rhythm that was hiding in my bones, waiting to break forth in dance.

I also love windows and doors. They have become a primary source of entertainment for me.

 It also doesn't hurt the fun if a vent is nearby.

I think the windblown look suits me...

We then headed north to hang with Nana and Papa in Decatur, where lots of fun new activities were waiting for me. Our first big night consisted of a cookout with friends before the annual Alabama Jubilee at Point Mallard where I got to see my first hot air balloons.

Don't hate on my pink chair. It was borrowed and I felt pretty legit sitting in it. I also lost one of these snazzy sandals that night. I shall forever mourn the loss of that stylish part of my life. Thankfully we found some similar replacements.

I sure do like hanging with this man. He's pretty great.

BALLOONS!!! Really big ones...

I was pretty mesmerized.

I also got to do some swinging for the first time, which was SO FUN.

I then decided to redeem myself in the pool department. I don't know if you recall my first swim, but this time around was a whole new ball game.

I loved playing with Cousin Emma. She makes everything more fun. [Even though I don't look like I'm having very much fun in this photo]

This is my look-over-the-shoulder-model-face.

I'm also all about opening cabinets and drawers, so Nana introduced me to the tupperware cabinet. I guess if I'm going to cause destruction, they want me to do it with some of the safest objects possible.

Emma teaching me her ways of destruction.

I must admit, I was skeptical at first.

But it didn't take long for me to fully embrace the fun.
Good thing Mom has one of these treasure troves at home...


Fleeing the scene of the crime.

The aftermath...

The Alabama travels came to a close, only to bring forth the great crescendo unveiling the ultimate destination: PARIS!!

In my tenth month, I became a world traveler, ya'll. [And in her 25th year, my Mom finally did!] I was a champ on the 8 1/2 hour flight over and we finally got to reunite with Dad! We're never letting him go away for that long ever again. Unfortunately there are no pictures of this reunion because Mom was too busy kissing and hugging Dad. I made it a little awkward for them though because Mom had me strapped to her in the carrier. It was quite the family hug!

The last week of my tenth month was the first of three we would spend in Paris. Mom hopes to one day get some blog posts up of our time there, so here are just some glimpses of that first week. [And by glimpses I mean extreme picture overload]

Just hanging out in our first apartment, eating some rice cakes.

I really like it when Mom lets me eat in big boy chairs.

We were always on the go in Paris, so this happened a lot.
Not my best close up...
My parents were always entertained by my sweaty bed head. Sorry folks, they don't have AC over there!

Bread became my new favorite food! How can you resist a French baguette?

I finally got to try out my travel blow up bathtub. Success.
Smiling with Dad during a local French church gathering.

Laughing with my BFF, Haleigh. She's a fellow Auburner that spent time with us in Paris.
Our first day off happened to fall on my 10 month birthday [though I like to believe that they took off that day just to celebrate me], so we got to do a bit of sightseeing together.

I was excited to see the Pantheon.

Even more excited to participate in some good old fashioned people watching—something the Parisians do best.

Thus begins the hoodie photo shoot...

Jardin du Luxembourg, ya'll!!!
This is my life... Make them stop!

SO worn out...

Straight nappin'... And yes, I am wearing socks under my sandals. It's all the craze overseas.
A couple of quick developmental tidbits...
No more teeth, but I have a sweet looking gap between my two front teeth. No need to post another picture, I know you noticed. It's hard to miss.

I'm not walking yet, but still getting around like a champ. My new favorite thing is to have things in both hands while crawling around. I tend to implement them as sliding mechanisms as well.

Exhibit A...
Aunt Lynn also hooked me up with a new toy that I can play with standing up. It has a dancing bear on top that I like to slap around. It's also a good place to practice my new moves. I'm sure my Mom will get a video of that soon.

Hopefully there's not too many things I neglected to update you on. We are already about 3 weeks in to my eleventh month, so I did my best to remember it all. It's hard to believe that I'll be one year old in less than a couple of months. Poor Mom, her baby's all grown up!

grace to ya,