Wednesday, May 21, 2014

EAP: 5 Months!

This girl is just ready to be big.

I think it would thrill her soul to be able to run around the house with Haddon. But alas, that mobility isn't there yet. She sure does try. She'll jump out of your arms if you're not careful. She wants to sit up so badly, but the coordination isn't fully there yet. She can for a bit if everything is at the right angle, but I'm not sure if we'll officially claim that milestone this month. So basically, she's on the verge of everything…

This is the extent of her playtime with Haddon at the moment!

Her smile is still contagious and she flashes it without warning. My, she's sweet. But she sure can wail. I think it's official that she does not love the car… Poor girl just wants someone to look at and be with instead of being cooped up in a seat for hours. [and we've done a LOT of driving lately]

She likes to chew on her fists, but she's been doing that for a couple of months. She can grasp things now, which is fun to see her becoming more interactive. This accomplishment also provides something else to put in her mouth :) She has also found her feet and delightfully plays with them often.

Those feet...

Joining the rest of the KamPugh family in their love for books!

It's also fun to see her interact vocally. Little girl can talk if you get her going! As Mama T said recently, it looks like we're going to have a family of "people people."

Hanging with a fellow intern kid, Tillman Wimberly.
Daddy love.

Daddy snuggles!

So strong...
More selfies with Mom.

We love you Eden Anastasis Pugh! So proud of how much you're learning and growing.