Friday, April 11, 2014

Almost Two...

Can you believe that Haddon is almost TWO YEARS OLD? So maybe it depends on your definition of "almost," but he's definitely closer to two than he is to one... Yesterday, he reached the year and 8 months mark! [a.k.a. 20 months]

Lynn Pugh always captures some good ones...
So what has this 20-month-old young man been up to, you might ask? Well quite a lot! He is busy and ALL BOY...

We have some sweet friends that live just right down the street from us that have a boy [Naaman] just a few days older that Haddon and a girl [Quinni] a few months older than Eden. The pictures above are at their house. They are gracious to let us come and enjoy their fun backyard and get some much needed fresh air during some restless afternoons! As you can see, Haddon has developed quite an affinity toward one of Naaman's fun hats. Haddon the Amish boy...

Speaking of fresh air, it's fun to go to parks and just let him roam.

I love this boy's curiosity and delight. So fun...

He still loves food, but only what he wants, when he wants. Meals can sometimes be a struggle and often take place apart from the high chair, but we're striving to choose our battles wisely ;) In the pictures above, he had just got done eating some tasty carrots and is asking for "more." I'm not sure how many of you have witnessed his "more" signal, but it is slowly fading and is being replaced by actually saying "more" ["Mo!']. This little boy is picking up words faster than I can keep count! It's so fun to be able to interpret what he's communicating.

He looks so grown in this picture...

"Helping" Dad with his work.

WICKED bed head.

He still loves books and balls, but the most recent obsession is the one and only...

WINNIE THE POOH!!! Seriously, this kid LOVES him. And all of Pooh's friends. He can name them all [a video of that will come soon!]. We have a few different Pooh shows on Netflix and Haddon just can't get enough. I bet he could sit and watch Pooh all day. Don't worry, we ration the screen time ;)

I'll close this out with one of the sweetest snapshots that I pray will be a normal thing in my little boy's life in the years to come...

May the word of Christ dwell in you richly, Joshua Haddon Pugh.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

EAP: 4 Months!

This girl...

is all kinds of sweet! [except when she's not] But really, she's SO smiley. I remember Haddon having sweet smiles, but the amount of smiles Eden has far outweighs her brother's at this age. Don't get me wrong, she can wail. But most of the time, she just wants somebody to be around. She'll be fussing and as soon as I walk over to check on her, she starts grinning from ear to ear. Eden Pugh is a people person!

She is also strong! She is lifting her head up like a champ. She also likes to stiffen up her legs and pretend to stand when you're holding her. She accomplished the "rolling over" milestone a couple weeks ago at Big Daddy & T's house, but hasn't done it much since.

Because of how well she's been doing holding her head up, we decided to try some sitting up for the first time.

This was at a friend's house when she tried out the Bumbo seat for the first time. We have a similar nifty contraption for her at home with all kinds of unnecessary accessories :)

Due to her current expressions, I don't think she loves it just yet...

Brother had to make sure the cupholders were working alright.
Speaking of which, he also had to test it out himself. He definitely enjoys it more than she does at this point!

Unfortunately, our girl is still spitting up a lot [hence the Christmas bib action]. Needless to say, whatever bib is clean gets worn!

As I mentioned before, she really is a people person. Haddon tends to get all up in her face from time to time and she's such a good sport about it! She smiles and talks to him as if she's ever so delighted that he's poking her in the face or trying to pull her out of the swing. She just loves to watch him be his crazy self!

She also become pretty mesmerized when Kam is around and talking. We read Haddon a story before bedtime and I bring Eden in there as well and she's always so smiley and fixated on Kam while he's reading. She loves her Dad :)

I guess she smiles a lot during the day because she's apologizing for all the trouble she is at night. Okay, so that's not entirely true. She has started waking up every 2-3 hours after going to bed. I'm not sure where that initial long stretch of sleep that she used to do went. But really, I can't complain because when she wakes up at night, I'll feed her for a bit and then she goes right back to sleep. She is getting more into a predictable nap routine though, which is good. I share all this so that [1] I'll remember what her sleeping habits were like and [2] so that you know she's not always coos and smiles ;)

Her first [and hopefully ONLY] mirror "selfie" :)
I'll close this out with her stats from her 4 month check up. Our baby girl is growing up!

  • 13 lb. 3 oz.
  • height: 23.5"
  • head circumference: 16.5"
Compare that to...

  • 11 lbs. 1 oz.
  • height: 21.5"
  • head: 15.75"
We're excited to see what the next month has in store... We love you, little E!