Monday, February 25, 2013

Still Growing

Well we had our 6 month check up a couple weeks ago... sorry for the delay!

One look at this sweet face and all tardiness is forgiven, right? :)

I am so thankful for how well Haddon is doing. By the grace of our kind Lord, he is a healthy young man. Here's your recap...

> 6 lbs. 11oz. [10-25th percentile]
> 20 inches long [50-75th percentile]
> Head circumference 13.75" [25-50th percentile]

> 8 lbs. 11 oz. [15th percentile]
> 20.25 inches long [5th percentile]
> Head circumference of 14.75" [50th percentile]

> 10 lbs. 15 oz. [15th percentile]
> 22.75 inches long [20th percentile]
> Head circumference of 15.75" [50th-75th percentile]

> 13 lbs. 7 oz. [15th percentile]
> 24.25 inches long [15th percentile]
> Head circumference of 16.25" [50th percentile]

> 16 lbs. 1 oz. [25th percentile]
> 26.25 inches long [25th percentile]
> Head circumference of 17.25" [50th percentile]

We were celebrating a perfect BMI [or so our pediatrician said] on our Valentine's Day. How romantic...

We don't mind that sweet thing taking up our special holiday. But get used to it, Haddon— J. Kameron Pugh will always be my Valentine :)

Shout out to Uncle B. for that fine photo!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What will it be?

I have a very clever sister who sought out my design help for this fun series of announcements. It is definitely the year of the boy for my side of the family! Little Cohen is coming in April and as you can see above, Oliver will soon follow in June. Three boy cousins within a year of each other. Oh my. Let the mischief begin! [and our Haddon will probably be the ring leader...]

The joy of graphic design...Yet again, the Lord has reminded me how thankful I am for my degree. I have been able to use it in multiple ways to benefit my friends and family, and also make the KamPughs a little money! It's good to get that affirmation every now and then :)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Six Months!

Happy Half Birthday to ME!!!!

Well folks, here we are again. Can you believe I'm already 6 months old? Apparently I'm the only one who can and I have a birth certificate to prove it. 6 months seems pretty legit in baby age, so hopefully I'll be taken more seriously around here.

This month has brought lots of new things and I'm excited to share them with all my wonderful fans [that's you].

Come on— this is gonna be fun!

I guess the major happening of this month was my entrance into the world of solid food. Mom stole that story and wrote about it here. Be sure to check that post out for all the juicy details [literally].

Don't let this picture fool you, I'm still rockin the whole eating thing. I guess I get that from my Mom. She loves to eat.

With this new appetite has come other small achievements— like sitting in a high chair. [well technically it's a "space saver" high chair, but surely it still counts]

The bib says it all... SUPER*STAR

 Mom also decided to see how I liked water. Enter [duh, duh, duh] the SIPPY CUP!

So you may recall that I wasn't taking so kindly to a bottle. Looks like I just skipped that stage. Bottles are for babies... I'll drink an ounce or so of milk from my sippy cup every now and then, but at least Mom is no longer freaking out about my future interaction with cups of any kind. I may not drink a lot from this thing, but I do know how to use it. Sometimes I just like gnawing on it. My gums appreciate the massage.

Speaking of which, I know what you're wondering — Any teeth yet?

Sorry to disappoint, but you'll have to put up with my gummy smile for a little while longer. Though no teeth have appeared, I still don't hesitate to chew on everything that comes within a 6" radius of my mouth. As you can see, the fist still gets some major love.

Other new things I've tried this month are my play place and Johnny Jump Up.

This fabulous contraption has become a new staple to my playtime. I still haven't quite figured out the Johnny Jump Up thing. Maybe I need to call Johnny and let him teach me a thing or two...

Don't let these pictures fool you. That smiles lasts only a few minutes before I'm clamoring with confusion.

With six months also comes the question of sitting up. I'm getting there folks. I can hold my own for a little bit, but I'm hesitant to officially claim that milestone.

So maybe I take the occasional tumble every now and then, but at least I look good doing it!

In the realm of mobility, I'm a rolling machine. The parentals usually lay down a blanket on the floor for me to play on. Within a minute or less, I've already rolled out of bounds. I'd like to call these next few shots "Oh, the Places You'll Roll." [take that Dr. Suess!]

Aren't I so impressive?

 This rolling tends to makes some other things in life difficult. For instance, changing my diaper...

You might notice the updated frame in the picture above. There used to be a white one there, but due to my new found mobility, it has been destroyed. I successfully knocked it off the dresser and broke the glass. Sorry, Mom. Welcome to the rest of your life. What can I say? I'm a boy!

Now I'm more interested in the sound machine they have hidden over there. I like to knock it around.

Knockdown successful. Just call me Trouble [with a capital T]
I think that covers the momentous milestones of the month. In other news, I experienced my first park day with Mom. It was a crazy January day, meaning it was really warm, so on a whim, Mom packed us up and headed to one of our local parks. We did some strolling on the trails and then hung out on a blanket.

Thanks to Nana and Papa for this AWESOME toy.
Another fun event was the weekend we spent in Birmingham. Dad had a conference to be at, so we stayed at the Maiden's house. [shout out to Mrs. Lynn, Mr. Ronnie, and Regina!] Nana, Aunt V, and Emma came down one day to hang out with us. We had lots of fun together. The next day I got to meet a bunch of my Mom's friends from high school. They thought I was pretty great.

Who ya with? D-HIGH

The last little tidbit I think you'll appreciate is how much I love to laugh and smile. I'm very responsive these days and love a good game of peek-a-boo when it presents itself. Even when it doesn't, I pretend you're playing when you get out of my sight and then come back again. It's pretty hilarious. That's not the only way you can get me laughing. Papa discovered this trick the other day—

I have lots of fun with my family.

Well, I think I better wrap this up. It's WAY past my bedtime [the things you do for your fans]. I hope you've enjoyed the glimpse into my sixth month. Today's photo shoot was pretty amazing. All you facebookers should go check it out. I got to play with Dad while Mom took pictures. [I think I got the better end of that deal.]

Enjoy the rest of your February! Until March 10th...

Thursday, February 7, 2013

First Foods

January 18th was a big day in the Pugh home. Our little Haddon was introduced to the wonderful world of food...

Zucchini ready to be steamed!

Happy little zucchini cups!

I was blessed with a Baby Bullet and Steamer at a baby shower and I got to put it to good use this day! It comes with a handy dandy cookbook that makes it all SUPER easy to make your own baby food. I've really enjoyed it thus far—so has our little man :) Here's a video of his first meal of solid foods!

We're so proud. In these past few weeks, Haddon has been a better eater than his parents! He's eaten zucchini, avocado, green peas, yellow squash, apples, and rice cereal. Bananas and sweet potatoes are next on the agenda. I thought I'd start him off with the most bland items and then move forward to the sweeter treats :) He really has been a champ with all the veggies. The first bite is always an adventure [even if it's something he's already tried], but he always remembers how much he likes it and starts opening his mouth for more!

Leading up to the big moment.

We're so thankful for how well Haddon has responded to solid foods. It's definitely been an answer to prayers. It is so good to know our little boy is eating healthy foods and growing more and more every day. It puts this little mama's heart at ease :) But, regardless of how healthy or strong he becomes physically, may our great God and King grow him spiritually into a man of whom the world is not worthy. [Hebrews 11:38]